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Solo in Iceland: Heartbreak, Hard Work, and a Honeymoon Suite

2016 marked a turning point in my life. The end of a seven-year relationship left an echoing void. The faces of a man and his children, once daily constants, became fleeting memories. Amidst this emotional turmoil, a question haunted me: Who was I without them? Seeking refuge, I drowned myself in work, with sleep being my only true respite. But soon, the allure of Iceland presented a unique escape.

On this brief Icelandic detour, taken before a work event in Europe, the landscape wasn't just about its breathtaking beauty but also the introspection it fostered.

The irony of my trip was hard to miss. Imagine this: flying solo and in search of new beginnings, I unintentionally booked myself in a honeymoon suite at a quaint bed and breakfast on the Golden Circle. It was as if the room itself was laughing at my singlehood. Plush bedding beckoned, soft lighting set the mood, and there, gazing at me from the bathroom counter, were two towels lovingly twisted into swan kisses. It was laughably ironic. That evening, the bottle of complimentary Reyka Vodka seemed like a fitting companion, leading to a few too many pours.

The next morning, with the vodka's remnants still slightly clouding my mind, I decided on a rejuvenating visit to the world-renowned Blue Lagoon. The sight was almost surreal: steam rising, azure waters contrasting with the snow-clad surroundings. You've probably heard of the Blue Lagoon. Well, it's every bit as enchanting as they say, minus the stampede of eager tourists. If you ever make the trip (and trust me, you want to), splurge on the VIP experience. It's a slice of serenity worth a few extra krona (Iceland’s currency).

Blue Lagoon Iceland

My stopover in Iceland was, in reality, a brief detour en route to European work commitments. Now, there's an ongoing debate in my mind: Would Iceland's ethereal beauty shine brighter amidst laughter with friends, or in the soft glow of a romantic getaway? I've always had a penchant for solitude, but even for me, Iceland's profound silence as a solo traveler sometimes felt a touch too profound.

Golden Circle Iceland

Yet, as I prepped to jet off to my next work commitment, Iceland’s allure remained undeniable. It wasn’t just about the places or the adventures; it was the journey within. Each gust of icy wind, and every ripple in the geothermal pools seemed to whisper tales of self-discovery. And as I left, I carried with me a poignant lesson: Sometimes, in our unmoored moments, we truly find ourselves.

And who knows? Maybe next time in Iceland, those kissing swans will have company.


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