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Have you ever felt that amid the roles of being a career woman, mom, wife, or caretaker, you've lost a bit of yourself? I've felt that too. Crossing into my 50s, I'm reflecting more on my desires, having spent so much time catering to necessities. Such introspection often finds me on the road, a fitting space for pondering life's next chapter.

Yet, I've realized soulful journeys aren't just about travel. They're in the tranquility of nature, the solace of a quiet cafe amidst a city's chaos, the awe of ancient sites, or even in the simple joys of nurturing my garden or hosting a feast for loved ones. When do you feel most connected to yourself?

Join me as I navigate these reflections, and I invite you to share your own journeys.

Here's a glimpse of what you'll discover on this site. I eagerly await your insights and stories as well.


I certainly enjoy 5 star travel. Who doesn’t!  But, I’d prefer 5 star travel at 3 star prices because who doesn’t like getting more for less.  Service also goes a long way in my book. I will share destinations where the staff and the smaller details make up for the star (or even 2) that you might be giving up. 


I love soulful surroundings which I sometimes find in more rustic places.  Imagine the sounds of water gently lapping against a shoreline as you wake up under the down covers of a king-sized bed situated on the heated floor of a canvas tent.  I would live in a tent if it were like this - a fireplace that can be turned on with a remote, a jacuzzi tub and room service.  Heaven on earth! 


Shopping to me is like a voyage to places I’ve never been.  I love finding unique items that you can’t find on Amazon.  And, I do my Christmas shopping all year long!  By the time Christmas arrives, I’ve usually purchased more than I need for the women in my life. The men are a bit of a different story.


Hats and the perfect sunscreen - Now that I’m over 50 and live in Santa Barbara, Ca. I feel forever on a quest to find the best of both!


Skincare and wellness - you name if and I’ve likely tried it.  If I haven’t tried it, I will! 

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