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Whispers from Room 24: A Spirited Night at the Historic Concord Colonial Inn

The bartender leaned in, setting the bill on the bar, offering a casual, "take your time." As the last of our drinks were savored, the soft murmur of the fire enveloped us in warmth. We were in the "Ghost Bar," discreetly tucked away within the walls of the Concord Colonial Inn in Massachusetts. A hotel that reverberates with tales from the American Revolution. Names like Henry David Thoreau, John Wayne, Arnold Palmer, and even the illustrious Roosevelts and Kennedys once graced its halls.

Finishing up, I settled the bill and offered a nod of appreciation to the bartender. But just as we prepared to head back, he hesitated, eyeing us with a knowing look. "Ah, Room 24," he mused. "Familiar with its tales?"

You see, it was early October, a time when New England is painted in vivid hues of gold and red. Our spontaneous decision to chase this spectacle led us to hastily book the only room available – Room 24. Described enticingly as one of the Inn's grandest, boasting views of the charming town square and church's clock tower. It was an offer too tempting to resist!

But now, the bartender's voice had an undertone of mischief. "It’s haunted," he whispered conspiratorially, "and about half the people who check into the room check out before the morning." He launched into a tale of the Inn's previous life when it was a residence for a doctor during the Revolutionary War era. The room? It was where wounded soldiers underwent operations from which they didn’t always survive.

As the revelation dawned upon us, the reason behind the unexpected availability of Room 24 became clear. We were staying in the most haunted chamber of this legendary inn!

With intrigue at its peak, I resorted to my trusty phone, digging into the story. A clip from the renowned show, Ghost Hunters, showcased their own eerie experiences right in the heart of The Concord Colonial Inn.

That evening, hoping to appease any lingering spirits, I spoke aloud. Gratitude for their service, a plea for a peaceful night's rest, given my husband's military background. His chuckles at my antics lightened the mood.

I'll admit, sleep was elusive that night. Yet, any spirits that might have roamed chose to remain unseen. Despite its spectral reputation, the Concord Colonial Inn stands as a top recommendation for a memorable fall adventure.


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